Help is needed: 8/28-8/30 Prepare Welcome Packets, Fold T-Shirts, etc.
  8/30-8/31 Driving Van to Static Ramp to pick up Military Pilots
  8/30-8/31 Greeting Performers & Military, Assigning Cars, etc.
  9/01-9/03 Help man the Hot Ramp Operations Center
  9/01-9/03 Help on the Static Ramp Click Here
  9/01-9/03 Help at the MPA Booth on the Fairgrounds Click Here
  9/01-9/03 Driving Vans to/from Hot Ramp to/from Static Ramp
  9/04 Recover cars, Assist departing Performers & Military

If you are interested in helping on the Static Ramp Click Here Now.

Only members of Aviation Orginazations such as the Missouri Pilots, Women in Aviation, etc. or active pilots, FAA, FBO personnel, etc. will be permitted to work on the Hot Ramp. If you do not qualify for the Hot Ramp you can help on the Static Ramp.

Openings for Van Drivers and Helping at the Hot Ramp Operations Center are below.
There is an on-line form that you can use to "sign up". Click on the button at the bottom of this page.
You can always call Richard at 636-458-4576 or send an email to Volunteer@SpiritAirport.US

Schedule for Van Drivers on Labor Day Weekend

Below is for the days of the AirShows.
Thank you for all who volunteered.

Click the Volunteer Button at the bottom.

Van Times:




Saturday Gene L Tim G Hubert L

September 1

Ron H Fred S Open
Sunday Carol W Chuck K Hubert L

September 2

Mark W Fred S Open
Monday Tim G Chuck K William D

September 3

Ron H Fred S Hubert L

Thanks to the following for their help at the Hot Ramp Operations Center!
Performers & Military will be arriving Thursday & Friday.
Aircraft on Static Display will taxi to Delta & Charlie when they land and we will have to pick up
the pilots and bring them to the Hot Ramp Operations Center and assign them their cars & rooms.







AM Tuesday

August 29

August 30

August 31

September 1

September 2

September 3

September 4

Richard B Richard B v Richard B v Richard B v Richard B v Richard B v Richard B v
William D           William D v
Curt S   Curt S Curt S Curt S Curt S  
Linda S   Linda S Linda S  Linda S Linda S  
Sue S Sue S v Sue S v Sue S v Sue S v Sue S v  
    Ron H v Ron H v Ron H v    
    Cathy H Cathy H Cathy H    

On Call:

Barb L Gene L Joe S Ann S Candy S Art S
Black=all day
Blue = afternoon
v = van driver

Thanks for your help. Enjoy the weekend!